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Counterfeit software dealers beware, Microsoft is on your tail

microsoft counterfeit legalToday Microsoft said that it had 55 legal cases started with dealers that have been accused of selling counterfeit software online. Microsoft said that this is the highest number of shakedowns to date, hitting the US, Germany, Netherlands, France, Britain, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Korea, Mexico and Poland.

Online sellers of the counterfeit Microsoft materials have been using eBay and auction sites to sell the materials. This is an extremely pressing issue for Microsoft--not only are they loosing money, but the software in question could be defective and potentially hazardous to users, leaving backdoors open for possible security breaches and identity thefts. Our friends at Microsoft investigated these counterfeit applications and found that 43% actually contained additional programs and code that is not part of the actual operating system! Wow! I know that Microsoft's software can be rather expensive at times, but is it really worth dealing with all the hassle counterfeit software can bring? Especially nowadays when we live online, and do practically everything on the World Wide Web including banking and purchasing. Pretty spooky stuff!

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