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Windows Media Player 11 (final) is now available

WMP 11
Windows Media Player has long been a bain mainstay of our Windows computing existence, whether by choice or by force. Finally, the WMP version I consider a serious contender of a media player is out. WMP 11 can be downloaded and is the best to date. I have been using the beta for months now, and despite being a bit of a memory hog, it does a nice job of organization, ripping, syncing, and has some new features you will like. If you haven't been a fan in the past, this version may change your mind. Besides the obvious eye-candy, this version logically organizes all types of media and by default provides many different views you can use to quickly drill down to the media you want. Creating playlists is an easy task, as well as search, renaming tracks, and new media discovery. The interface is clean, not clunky anymore, and clearly holds an advantage over previous versions. Music store integration is still good, including URGE (if you are into that sort of thing), and many other stores like WMP 10 had, but WMP 11 has better search this time. All in all not a bad player, which now has something called media sharing for access to your media from XBOX 360 or Soundbridge. Give the new Windows Media a shot and see if you like it. I was previously a WMP hater and die hard Winamp fan, but WMP 11 turned the tables a bit. This release seems to take less memory, and runs at 10-14MB while playing, which is a bit better than the beta. Not bad.

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