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Using browser cookies as an alibi

browser cookies as evidenceThe beloved, and sometimes hated, browser cookie has been entered into evidence in a Texas court. A Texas man actually used the cookies on his computer as a trail of time stamped data of his web activities to try and prove his innocence and where he was at the time prosecutors say he was somewhere else. Mr. Texas had a court restraining order in place from his ex-wife, and Mrs. Ex-Texas claimed to have seen him stalking her. Mr. Texas had a great excuse, he was checking out the Home Depot website that morning, and could not have possibly been stalking. Mr. Texas made a disk showing his online actions stamped by cookies embedded on his computer. The trail of data didn't prove effective however. The jury agreed with the prosecution that the cookie data could have been altered, and poor Mr. Texas has to face 365 of confinement, and a $2000 fine. Why his legal representatives didn't try and use the actual computer logs from the websites in question and his internet service provider data is unclear. He might have had a chance to be a free man.

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