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MusicForMe cracks AllOfMP3's MusicForMasses DRM

MusicForMeLast week I reported on MusicForMasses, a new program from questionable Russian online music retailer AllOfMP3 that lets you download and listen to every song in their expansive library for free, provide you use their very limited Windows player that requires a net connection. Well, as I predicted in that post, it didn't take long for someone to figure out how to get around MusicForMasses' DRM. The cheekily-named MusicForMe is a program that strips out whatever protections AllOfMP3 is using on its free MP3s and turns them into plain old MP3 files that you can play in the player of your choice. Now, given that AllOfMP3 is of questionable legality in the first place, using MusicForMe is undoubtedly all kinds of illegal, not to mention of entirely unknown origin and infested with who knows what, so under no circumstances do I recommend that you download it from this link. I did try it out myself, though--in the name of science, of course--and it seems to have worked flawlessly. One caveat is that the resulting files have names like "00E117A8.mp3," but their ID3 tags are intact and accurate, so an MP3-renaming program should make short work of them. Seriously, though, MusicForMe is probably totally illegal and possibly dangerous, so use it at your own, not insignificant, risk.

[Thanks, Josh!]

Update: As a number of readers have point out, the original download link is busted. The author has released an updated version of MusicForMe, which includes the MusicForMasses program. Reader Josh says that this program does the same thing as MusicForMe, but works better. I haven't tested either program, much less screened them for viruses, so as always use at your own risk and don't blame me if things go south.

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