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How to embed a Flickr slideshow in your blog

Flickr slideshowThere's a lot of ways to get your Flickr photos onto a web page or blog post, but few are as clean and elegant as Flickr's own slideshow player. Wouldn't it be nice if you could embed that player in your blog? Ah, but of course you can! Paul Stamatiou shows you how, but since the HTML got a little mangled in his post I'll just repost it here. Here's the basics:

<iframe align="center" src="
user_id=12345678@N00&tags=YOUR_TAGS" frameBorder="0" "width=500" height="500
" scrolling="no"></iframe>

That's the basics, but the line breaks are only in there for presentation--make sure that long "src" URL doesn't have any spaces or line breaks when you use the code. You'll have to replace the user_id ("12345678@N00") with your own--in case you don't know what yours is, idGettr will tell you--and YOUR_TAGS with whatever tags you want in the slideshow. If you want to show a photoset instead of photos with a particular tag, replace tags=YOUR_TAG with photoset_id=PHOTOSET_ID, where photoset_ID is the string of numbers at the end of a photoset URL, e.g. the 1234567 in There's a variety of other parameters you can use, including:

  • contacts=
  • text=
  • tag_mode=
  • favorites=
  • group_id=
  • frifam=
  • nsid=
  • single=
  • firstIndex=
  • set_id=
  • firstId=

...but it's up to you to figure out what they do. Just make sure you have an & between each parameter/value pair. Once again, this is all the work of Paul Stamatiou, so if you find this useful head over to his web site and click on his ads.

[Via eclecticism, image via Stewart Butterfield]