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Pure Sudoku - Today's Time Waster

We have featured many a Sudoku game in the past few years, and here is yet another for Windows XP, aptly dubbed "Pure Sudoku." I like this one a bit. It is a free download, is fairly light-weight and features nice backgrounds and sounds that don't get in the way and aren't annoying. There are 43 different backgrounds that change automatically (if you care about that sort of thing), many difficulty settings, and over 20,000 puzzles to last you many years, or just one weekend if you are really bored and play really fast. Great for people who are snowed-in. The deluxe edition is only $9.99 (cheaper than most infomercials) and allows you to do more with Sudoku, like a hints feature, the ability to print puzzles, and 3X the number of backgrounds (woo-hoo) and much more. It is a fun little time-waster that already today I have found more addicting than I care to admit. Oops.

Thanks Mark for the tip!

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