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Widget lovers unite for Widgets Live!

widgets live conferenceAre you a widget lover? You know all those cool little tools that can be added to desktops and webpages to show the weather, sports scores, news, and horoscopes. The widget world is growing strong, major players and individuals are creating some very neat modules, widgets and gadgets. GigaOm founder Om Malik, and Niall Kennedy have teamed up to organize a conference called Widgets Live! The new conference is aimed at the emerging widget economy, and being held at the Marines Memorial Club in San Francisco. Widgets Live! Is set to be a conference where developer's, business leaders and content producers can get together and understand how widgets, gadgets and modules can communicate and syndicate content effectively. The Widgets Live! Website has not released speakers, panels, or a session list, but judging from this unique niche, and logo collage on Niall's website, we could guess that the list of participating companies might include Google, MSN, AIM, WordPress, Six Apart, Netvibes, Apple, MySpace, and Yahoo. Tickets are set at $100, and can be purchased online.

So, out of all the widgets, gadgets, and modules out there, which ones do you find the most useful?

UPDATE - the Widget Live! schedule has been posted.

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