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Google merges Writely and Spreadsheets

google docs and spreadsheetsGoogle has merged Writely, now known as Docs, and Spreadsheets together to form one super online office application. Ok, so it's not super yet, and it still does have some catching up to do with Zoho Office, but it's on the way.

Google Account users now have the benefit of creating, and storing documents and spreadsheets together in the new Docs and Spreadsheets service. Google has listened to users suggestions, and made this into a combined list, that works with the same ideas as Gmail with stars, tags, and searches. Sharing documents and spreadsheets is a breeze, simply choose the individuals you would like to collaborate with, and invite them to view. Google has added another feature here, which allows collaborators the ability to share your spreadsheets.

It looks like a hit so far. One easy convenient location to store all online documents, all under a Google Account ID. The real virtual office is on the way, even though this has not been rolled out for Google Apps for domains....the users that could really benefit from this service. Check out the newly launched Google docs and Spreadsheets blog and a little online tour for more information.

Check out some screenshots after the jump.

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