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Consolidate your email with Jump2Mail

Jump2Mail A few weeks ago I wrote about ePrompter, a standalone (Windows-only) email notification app with a UI reminiscent of Windows 3.1. Responses in the comments ranged from nonplussed to downright offended (including speculations about malware). Now, I'm no ePrompter cheerleader; I just report on what I find. And today I've found a much better - and much more Web 2.0! - solution for managing multiple email accounts.

bills itself as a "free web-based email retrieval application" that lets you check all your email accounts from one central location. Its web-based approach to email management makes a lot more sense than the desktop-centered approach offered by ePrompter, since these days most of us move around and use more than one computer.

In addition to allowing users to send, receive, delete, and reply to emails, Jump2Mail also includes:
  • Planning and reminders
  • Spam filtering
  • Personal rules
  • Contact management
  • Ajax-based RSS reader
  • Support for 7 different languages
More features are in progress, such as an RSS feed of new emails. Jump2Mail currently supports POP and IMAP, which can pose a limitation if you use a web-based mail service such as Yahoo (which doesn't allow free POP access). However, support for purely web-based accounts may be available at a later time.

Oh, and did I mention the delicious-looking strawberry icon?

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