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Google to buy YouTube--today?

GooTubeThe rumored Google-YouTube acquisition we talked about last week might imminent--perhaps as imminent as later today, according to the New York Times' DealBook blog. DealBook's Andrew Ross Sorkin writes, "Barring a last-minute snag in the talks, the boards of both Google and YouTube were scheduled to hold separate board meetings on Monday to approve the deal, with an announcement possible after the close of regular trading." Michael Arrington's scoop about the merger talks last week reportedly accelerated the schedule for Google's negotiators, who feared a third party swooping in and disrupting the $1.6 billion deal.

In related news, YouTube struck some major media deals today, inking agreements with CBS, Vivendi's Universal Music Group, and Sony BMG. CBS, which already runs its own Innertube video site, will have a branded channel on YouTube starting next month featuring short-form content. The Vivendi deal will put thousands of the record label's music videos online, much like the Warner Music deal reached last month. Likewise, Sony BMG has agreed to put some of its videos online. All three media companies will be sharing advertising revenue with YouTube and allowing Vivendi and Sony BMG will be allowing YouTube users to incorporate the music video content into their own videos.

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