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AIM Light, even better

AIM LightThis morning I saw this over at Weblogs, inc. CEO Jason Calacanis's blog: AIM Light Edition has no extra frills, is bell-less and whistle-less, and has a tiny footprint (under 4K at idle, and at about 6K while in use). I am a huge fan of simple, stripped-down versions of my favorite software like this. I don't need all the extras, the backgrounds, the fun stuff. I just need to communicate with colleagues, clients, family, and friends. AIM Light Edition is even better than AIM 6.0 beta in my opinion. Not that it will uproot Trillian from my system, but if I had to use an AIM client, I would use AIM Light over anything else. Jason is onto something here as well, saying that AOL needs to cater to users, and elite users instead of being in the access business. I agree. It makes sense and is a sentiment I have echoed for a long time. AIM Light is a good example of what he is talking about.

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