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Send yourself reminders with FutureMe

Chronically forgetful? Always making lists - and then forgetting to look at them? FutureMe might be just what the doctor ordered. is a simple, no-frills web site with one purpose: helping you stay on top of your various obligations. Its usage is self-explanatory, but I'll break it down for you anyway: use the form to write a reminder to yourself, enter your email address, and select a date to have the reminder emailed to you. This is way better than simply sending yourself an email, because in that case you get the email immediately - which doesn't do you much good if the event you need to be reminded of is two weeks away. You can set reminders to be delivered up to 30 years from now (assuming the zombies haven't taken over by then and obliterated all technology).

Also, you can set your reminders to be private (sent just to you) or public (viewable on the FutureMe web site). Browsing through the public messages makes for some good laughs.

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