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Turn a storage device into your personal PC


MojoPac has the ability to transform your personal storage device into a powerful private PC. Your iPod, phone, USB hard drive, and your USB flash drive can all now be the only item you need to carry around to get the job done. With MojoPac installed on your device, and applications and files loaded, you can automatically launch your environment onto any host PC running Windows XP. Music, games, files, and applications are all accessible, within a local view.

MojoPac seems like a promising application, with some great features for security and protection, as well as convenience, and personal preference settings. A number of companies now have IT policies, and restrictions for what types of applications users can install on computers, running MojoPac on your device is a way around this. When you unplug your device from the computer you were using, there are no traces of your personal info that are left behind. It is a portable solution that can be loaded onto a number of different devices to ensure your job gets done, in a secure, convenient way.

[Via CNet]

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