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Facebook registration now open to everyone

Facebook opens its doorsToday Facebook, the U.S.'s second-largest largest social networking site, opened its doors to the world. With the long-anticipated addition of regional networks, new Facebook registrants no longer need an email address from a Facebook-approved college or company to join. Facebook's Carolyn Abram explains the privacy implications of the change on the official (and frustratingly feed-less) Facebook blog, and there's now a How this expansion affects you page as well. Facebook was originally planning to launch the expansion shortly after the launch of the News Feed, but after users had a bit of a privacy freak-out, they delayed the expansion to give the community a little time to get their heart rates back under control. There was still widespread resistance to the move, but nothing on the scale of the News Feed. Users seem pacified by the fact that college, high school, and work networks are still as exclusive as ever, and the riff-raff (like me) still can't get too close.

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