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VoIP better than standard phone service?

VoIPHow good is VoIP? Is it better than standard telephone service? This is object of a new study, to find out if it's better. Keynote Systems (who measures Internet and mobile transmissions) studied 12 telecom providers of VoIP services to see if the call quality was better than standard lines. The companies: AT&T, Comcast, Lingo, Packet8, Skype, SunRocket, TimeWarner Cable, TrueVoice, Verizon, Vonage, Vonics and Windows Live Messenger were studied in the New York and San Francisco markets. Keynote claimed that the call quality was better than a standard phone, but the audio delay on the line in a VoIP system needs to be addressed. Considered by most to be in its infancy, this is good to hear that the call quality is getting there. Delay and some other factors need to be dealt with, but VoIP is well on its way to replacing traditional phone service in my mind.

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