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Zune is coming

Zune Supposedly, later today Microsoft will be announcing the debut of Zune, its iPod-like device and accompanying iTunes-like service. Continuing in its trend of "doing what Apple did a few years earlier," Microsoft has pledged to devote "hundreds of millions of dollars of investment," over the course of several years, to the development of Zune.

CNet has a sampling of responses and opinions about Zune from the tech/geek/blogger community. Overall, people aren't optimistic that Zune can offer a legitimate alternative to this Apple-dominated sector.

There have been plenty of rumors about what Zune will and won't offer; today we'll finally get to find out for sure. (My favorite Zune rumor: "The company had said Zune would have built-in Wi-Fi abilities, but had not yet said what it planned to allow users to do with their wireless connection.") And so, we sit with bated breath until that happens.

Update: The moment of truth has arrived... Engadget is reporting that Zune has launched.

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