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Will ad supported music downloads work?

SpiralFrogI need to know something. You are the only one who can help me here. Why? Because I need your opinion on something. I already have my own opinion, so it is no use asking myself about it, I already know. Let's say someone was offering you free music, and you could download it legally, but the catch is that you would have to watch a 90 second ad clip before you could download the song. Would you do it? Just once or all the time, every day? Would you get sick of the ads in a month?I guess what I am asking is this: will ad-based downloads be worth it to the downloader. SpiralFrog thinks you will want to watch these ads to get free music. They think 90 seconds isn't too long to make someone wait for a tune, is it? Will ad-supported music downloads be hot or not? I am not so sure it will work the way they plan, but it could be a big hit, it is hard to say at this point. What do you think?

[Via The Age]

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