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Everyone is getting into digital video distribution, including NBC

nbbc digital video distributionNBC Universal, and NBC affiliates have teamed up to fund >nbbc, a company that will distribute and profit from video footage online. Noticing a rapid growth in the digital video segment, NBC thinks it has the perfect opportunity to get its toes wet. NBC will be tapping all affiliate channels, and other media sources for materials for the new online venture. Through the use of a user friendly video player created by >nbbc, website publishers can easily drop content into their websites, enabling them to profit from new sources of revenue, and a growth in website visitors from the new offerings.

>nbbc will be profiting by digital video syndication, revenue sharing, and different fee-based models. Through the revenue model, advertising dollars will be split between >nbbc, the content licensor, and the web publisher. This is a unique approach by a large broadcaster, leveraging the content they are already producing to provide for more streams of revenue, and aiding in the growth of revenue for other web publishers by harnessing the power of Internet content.

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