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Amazon's Unbox movie downloads begin!

Amazon UnboxAmazon ends speculation and buzz by announcing their Unbox movie (and TV too) download service today! TV shows will be $1.99 (gee, that sounds familiar), movies will be $7.99 to $14.99 and $3.99 to rent them. Who knows at this point, but I'll bet if the service is the cat's meow it could give Blockbuster and even Netflix a run for their money. I see Amazon's service as taking the waiting out of getting your movies and TV shows, much like Apple, except it seems that Amazon has a bit more of a selection at this point. Hopefully Amazon's use restrictions will be bearable and I will be able to burn movies to play on my set-top player as well as my PC. They are even offering one free TV show to hook you.

The big kahuna, ready to rock!

A sampling of networks with shows for sale:

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