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SixApart aquires Rojo and Nooz

SixApart RojoThat famous and cutting edge blogging company SixApart, responsible for TypePad, Moveable Type, Vox, and LiveJournal today announces that it will gobble up social news aggregator Rojo along with Rojo's Nooz. According to TechCrunch, SixApart is planning to "sell a majority interest in the services business within a few months" (Barak Berkowitz, We're guessing that means part of Rojo at this point. SixApart will continue to dash into the enterprise blogging fray, while Rojo remains a separate entity (for now) sans their leadership who will join SixApart. What will this mean for SixApart, and what about Rojo? Is this good for both? What do users of either service think? This will no doubt lead to greater integration in some way, but how? Sure, I have my own ideas, but after all 18 heads are better than one. Anyone care to speculate?

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