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QTFairUse6 cracks Apple DRM

FairUse DRM crackerOn the heels of FairUse4WM being released, QTFairUse6 was posted on the Hymn site, which is an app that will crack Apple iTunes DRM, in a similar way to FairUse4WM. According to InformationWeek, the QT version requires knowledge of the Python language, and isn't quite so easy to use as the WM one. Still, all the news of these extremely innovative tools illustrate the fact that people want their music to be free. Perhaps not all of us know the slightest bit about how to crack DRM, nor would we want to, but no matter who puts these cracking apps out there, we all want music without wires. I am willing to pay, and so are a lot of people, but don't want to be restricted, we don't want our music to be locked down.

[Via InformationWeek]

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