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PixRuler makes measuring easy

PixRulerDo you ever have a need for a screen ruler that will just sit on your desktop and help you measure stuff, or assist you with the distance between objects? PixRuler is a fairly lightweight app that does just that. It installs quickly, and claims to be virus and spyware free, and while it hasn't given me any trouble, that claim is unsubstantiated at this point. PixRuler comes in three fabulous flavors (all in one download) blue, green, and orange. It reminds me the slightest bit of Apple's colorful iBooks, but that is beside the point. I imagine this app would help developers, screenshot junkies, and possibly your everyday Joe. What would have been nice to see is a two-way ruler. I like the fact that you can rotate the ruler either vertically or horizontally, but not both at once.

Tags: productivity, ruler, utilities