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TubeSock: Save and convert YouTube videos for iPod playback

TubeSockTubeSock is a great-looking app for OS X that lets you save videos from YouTube and easily convert them for viewing on your iPod, FrontRow, or anywhere else. Freeware purists can skip over this one--it costs $15 if you want to be able to convert more than the 30 seconds of video allowed by the trial version--but the rest of you, read on: TubeSock integrates with Safari and Firefox, providing a "Show in TubeSock" button. When you're looking at a YouTube page you can press the button, which will open TubeSock with a preview of the video. Then there's a handy "Convert" button that will not only put the video in your desired format (H.264 by default, of course), but it will also send it to your device program of choice--your iPod, iTunes, or FrontRow. Very slick.

So, can anybody point me to a Windows equivalent?

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