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Legal Music Downloads with SpiralFrog

spiralfrog legal music downloadsSpiralFrog is coming out of the streets of New York City to prove that free legal music downloading is where its at. The service will stay in business by offering ad-supported downloads of audio and video. There are some major labels signed on to this startups project including recording giant Universal Music.

The Universal music deal will allow SpiralFrog users in Canada and the US the ability to download the Universal Music Group's catalogue. There will be no cost to the end user. There will be DRM built into all of the audio and video content. There is no word on the effect that this might have on the content, but it could potentially block it from being burned properly, or transferred to MP3 devices. The SpiralFrog service is scheduled to launch in beta form at the end of 2006.

[Via GigaOM]

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