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Googleholic for August 29th, 2006

In this issue of Googleholic we cover:
  • Google has too much money
  • Webmaster Central blog
  • The Google Tower
  • How Google Profits from Spam
  • Google's look into hydropowered electricity
  • Google's next online applications
  • Google Maps Red Light Camera detection
  • NYC parking locator
Tuesday's Googleholic...Starting off the week right...

Google has too much money.
According to SEC rules, Google has too much money, now its facing a mutual fund classification.

Google Webmaster Central blog
Google changed Sitemaps to Webmaster tools and now they have a fresh shiney new blog to talk about crawling and indexing.

The Google Tower
Google looks like it might take over a 20 story, 430,000 square foot office building in Bellevue, a.k.a. Microsoft's backyard.

How Google Profits from Spam

Google's look into hydropowered electricity
Google uses a lot of electricity powering its data centers, and they could be on the way to developing some hydropowered electricity.

Google's next online applications
Could they target Quickbooks and MS Money?

google red light camera machupGoogle Maps Red Light Camera detection
Track red light cameras in your area, care of a Google Maps mashup. The pinpointed locations also show the penalty for running through the lights!
[via GoogleMapsMania]

NYC parking locator
This little mashup helps New York City parkers find a spot. You can even calculate rates!
[via GoogleMapsMania]

The past week in Google News
Check in for Friday's end of week Googleholic Google News report.

If you have any tips, tricks, or anything Google, you can always drop us a line!

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