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Guba lowers prices for online movies

guba online videosOnline digital video store Guba has dropped its prices drastically on rentals and movie purchases in an effort to test the demand and impact their company can have.

Gubas Video-On-Demand 24 hour rental will drop to $0.99 for new titles, previously $2.99, and Download-To-Own titles will be $9.99 for new releases, which seem very reasonable. Guba has a large library of free viewing movies and videos as well. This price move is aimed at moving in and stealing a larger chunk of traditional rental outlets' market shares, and going head first againstother providers like YouTube.

YouTube currently has a market stronghold in the video arena, and with the new studio partnerships they are currently working on, Guba has a lot of catching up to do.

[Via TechCrunch]

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