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Hullo: Versatile VoIP

HulloHullo looks very interesting. It's a VoIP service described as a "personal manager that will change the way you stay in touch." What sets Hullo apart from the likes of Skype or Gizmo is the way it can integrate your Windows-based "softphone," your cell phone, and your land line(s). How does it do that? When you set up Hullo, you enter your other phones' numbers, and then when someone calls you, Hullo will route the call as you please--if you're not at the computer, it can ring your home phone, then your cell, and so on. Somewhat more interestingly, you can set up different rules for different friends, so for example your best friend could be routed right to your cell phone, whereas your parents could be sent to voicemail. Not that you'd want to do that. Hullo also has a cool "Handoff" feature that will let you switch a call from one device to another, e.g. if you're talking on the computer and have to leave the house, you can seamlessly transfer the call to your cell phone. Hullo is currently in beta and all calls to North America are free.

[Via Alec Saunders]

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