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Google WiFi Equipment

google wifiFor those lucky enough people sitting around and enjoying Google's free WiFi service in Mountain View California, this isn't really for you. Niall Kennedy has managed to snap some pictures of Google's WiFi equipment that sits atop street lights around their hometown, as well as the WiFi login screen.

The login screen for the system is pretty plain and to the point. Exactly how it should be. They have a basic entry area to fill in your Google Account credentials, or a link to create one. Google seems to also be providing a secure access kit that encrypts traffic. They are also pushing their WiFi service for home use as well. Like any good site, they have a help section.

The big deal for outsides and WiFi enthusiasts might be the setup that Google has fastened to light standards around Mountain View. It looks like a pretty standard setup for municipal WiFi projects on lamp standard number 20, nothing too outstanding. If anyone is well versed in WiFi equipment, let us all know what kind of equipment this might be. And to everyone in Mountain View, I hope you're enjoying your free WiFi, maybe we'll get some one day.

View Google's WiFi equipment

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