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Googleholic for August 18th, 2006

googleholicIn this issue of Googleholic we cover:
  • Google Map Search gadget
  • Grannies and Google Coupons
  • Google Music Trends
  • Brazil sues Google
  • Google Anniversary
  • Writely is open for business
  • teams with Google
Welcome to Friday's Googleholic edition...

Google Map Search gadget
Drop it in your personalized homepage, and easily do local searches, quickly scrolling through the results in the map.

What do Grannies really think of Google Coupons?
Because we are dying to find out how useful these coupons are in the over 75 category.

Google Music Trends

A little entry in Google's robots.txt file lead Garett Rogers to find out what Google Talk users are listening to.
google music trends

Brazil is threatening to sue Google
This is all due to Google's not providing information on Orkut, Google's social network service to Brazil's Federal Prosecution Service.

Google's special anniversary
Google celebrated its two year IPO anniversary recently.
google writely
Google's Writely is open for business

The web word processor that Google bought earlier this year, is now open to anyone who cares to sign up and use it.

Google teams with
This strategic partnership sees Google providing search engine support technology for

The past week in Google News

Keep up on your Google news by staying tuned in for Tuesday's Googleholic edition!

If you have any tips, tricks, or anything Google, you can always drop us a line!

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