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Ask DLS: Kiko Calendar up for grabs on eBay - did the bubble pop?

Ask DLS: Kiko Calendar up for grabs on eBay - did the bubble pop?On our own CEO Jason Calacanis posted on his blog yesterday (hey, he's a businessman. He knows about business, man) that Kiko Calendar - one of the many web 2.0 services that sprung like so many weeds - is up for sale on eBay. Jason's post is, in fact, titled bluntly: "AJAX is not a business model."

Now forgive me for pimping our CEO's blog a little too much, but the guy might have a point: could this be sounding a roll call for the virtual horde of similar web 2.0 services out there that seem to be offering some (admittedly) stellar services without much more of a plan? The now-famous business model from the South Park episode with the under wear gnomes:
  • Develop cool web 2.0 service
  • ...
  • profit (or in this case: "hope to get bought by Yahoo! or Google")
doesn't count either. So what say you, DLS readers? Is the web 2.0 bubble ready to blow, or do you think there's still room in this post's screenshot for yet another calendar, photo-sharing or [insert favorite service here] logo?

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