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Microsoft's Chris Wilson on IE7's standards support

Chris Wilson on IE7 standardsZDNet's Richard MacManus has conducted an interview with Chris Wilson, the Group Program Manager for Internet Explorer at Microsoft to discuss the IE7 standards issues that have popped up lately. Wilson recently posted in his blog about claims concerning IE7's non-compliance, essentially saying that today IE is, indeed, behind on standards, but that there is so far no unbiased test for compliance and many claims have been exaggerated. In his interview, MacManus asks Wilson where Internet Explorer 7 is at today in terms of CSS compliance and where it's headed, and Wilson says, "I don't think we're at 90%, I think we're above 50%." Also discussed is the succession of IE7 over IE6 and the challenges of backwards compatibility with sites built for IE6. Though Wilson's answers won't be entirely satisfying for IE-weary web designers or users, it definitely helps to clarify the situation.

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