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Googleholic for August 15th 2006

googleholicIn this issue we cover:
  • Google iScream
  • Google Atlanta
  • Eric Schmidt and the hand washing scandal
  • Google Dance pictures
Step inside for today's Googleholic edition...

google iscreamGoogle iScream
Google launches iScream into their arsenal of search related products.

Google Atlanta moves, and gets bigger
Google Atlanta moved midtown, and is now looking for a few more bodies in engineering and sales to fill some space.

Eric's Bathroom Behavior Apparently Eric Schmidt doesn't wash his hands after he does his business. Not sure who started this rumor, but it has been found to release a few giggles here and there. He could have just stepped into the washroom to comb his hair for all we know. Find out who has been infected.

Google Dance
Some Google Dance pictures. In case you didn't get the chance to attend, or weren't invited. Keep watching we could see some pics pop up here, like they did last year.
[via Philipp Lenssen]

google maps break watcherWatch your break
Google Maps surfing mashup Breakwatcher, lets you check out where you can hit breaks, buoys, and buy some gear at the local surf shops.

[via Google Maps Mania]

The past week in Google news
Stay tuned for Friday's Googleholic!
If you have any tips, tricks, or anything Google, you can always drop us a line!

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