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Share advice, wisdom and knowledge with Videojug

videojugVideojug is a service that lets users share information. However, it's sharing information in an extremely intuitive way: Sharing through the use of videos. It's a really neat concept that I'm sure will take off pretty nicely given its sometimes funny approaches.

Take for an example, a video recently posted on how to make naan bread. The user has put together a nice little directional video on how to actually make it. It's a visual help guide, helping get points across easier, and with a little more explaining and nice visuals. Videos can be uploaded, tagged and searched which makes it extremely easy to find what you need help on. Each video also has a feedback form, text version, and iPod and PSP formats. Current sections on Videojug include Food, Drinks, DIY, Home, Beauty, Health, and Leisure. Each with a nice drop down list of sub topics.

There are some really interesting videos here too. Besides making nann, you can watch videos on applying bronzer, How to remove a foreign object from the ear, and How to unblock a toilet.

[Via Solution Watch]

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