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Leopard vs. Vista: Who stole what from whom?

OS X Leopard vs. Windows VistaSteve Jobs & Co. spent quite a lot of time at Apple's WWDC on Monday talking about Windows Vista. A whole segment of they keynote, in fact, was dedicated to Microsoft's upcoming OS and how much it copies from Apple's OS X. Apple really, really doesn't want you to forget what features it came up with first--but what features did it really come up with first? Lifehacker explored this question the other day, but over at his blog Paul Thurrott has taken an in-depth view of the subject. Of course, Paul Thurrott is a Windows guy and some may be tempted to write him out as a zealot, but he makes a lot of sound points, not all of them in Microsoft's favor. This will probably be the last Win v. Mac post I'll make for awhile, but I'm sure volleys will continue to be fired by both camps.

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