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Why Don't You Have a Yahoo! ID?

Yahoo!Several months ago I recommended to a group that we use Yahoo! Groups to set up a mail list and group communication site. A few in the group rolled their eyes and with a great deal of emotion said something to the effect of, "That means you have to set up a Yahoo! ID and then tolerate all the xxxx that comes with it." I was stunned. The "what" that comes with it? I've had and used the same Y! ID since the late 1990's and haven't had any stuff to put up with.

People have several different IDs to access their accounts at gmail, digg, technorati, webshots, bloglines, goowy, etc. Isn't there value to having one ID that accomplishes all that (Y! Mail, Y! Photos or flickr, MyYahoo!, MyWeb, etc.)

There are those who don't or won't bother to change their marketing settings (which you use to opt in/out out of third-party offers and Yahoo! communications). I would guess those folks see "unsolicited" email that they weren't expecting nor want.

What are the reasons that keep you from getting a Yahoo! ID?

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