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Microsoft's answer to the PS3

gears of warOnly Halo 3 would do any damage in Microsoft's war with Sony's PlayStation line of gaming consoles. Gears of War isn't going to pull enough attention away from the launch of such a highly anticipated console as PS3. Gears of War is probably a fine game, not that I've played it. There is a slight possibility it will be a better game than Halo, but I doubt it. The Halo franchise already has a large following which is really what would do damage to Sony's PS3, if released. Gears of War is new, but there is something to be said for an established gaming brand like Halo going up against a new console. If Microsoft really wanted to do damage to Sony's PS3 launch they should release (at least should have planned to release) Halo 3 right when PS3 is launched.

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