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AOL to provide 5GB of online storage for free

aol xdrive free 5GB of storage space
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AOL (this blog's parent company) announced today that starting next month it will offer 5GB of free online storage for all web users. The free online storage will start in September, and will be powered by Xdrive, a service acquired by AOL late last year. There will be no charges for uploading or downloading documents and files, and users will be able to access their files at

The service will allow users to store digital photos, videos, and important documents in Xdrive's secure data facility, and will include:

  • 5 Gigabytes (GB) secure online storage at no cost
  • No charges for uploads or downloads
  • Ability to store any type of file, including photos, music, video, and documents
  • Drag and drop interface between online storage and hard drive
  • Access to files through any Web-connected PC or mobile device
  • Permission-based file and folder sharing
  • Online collaboration via shared files
  • Scheduled automatic backups
  • Automatic upload of e-mail attachments from providers including AOL Mail, AIM Mail, or any non-AOL POP3 or IMAP-compatible mail providers
  • Full-resolution photo storage
  • Easy access to AOL Pictures for professional prints and photo gifts

The free Xdrive service will begin in early September and will be available to anyone with an AOL account or AIM screenname.

More discussion:

Update: As several readers pointed out, the original post was somewhat "press-releasey," particularly given our ties to AOL. Though we're genuinely excited about this service, we've edited the post accordingly. --Jordan Running.

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