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Procrastination Hack: Instant Boss

Face it, many of us are overloaded. We've got a million things to do, and no time to do them. How do you chip away at that ridiculous to-do list, without getting side-tracked and losing your momentum? 43folders says the answer just might lie in tiny slices of time.

Taking an hour and shattering it into 5 periods of 10 minutes, with 2 minute breaks between, hence "(10+2)*5" (yes, we're math geeks too and we know the "*" is redundant.. but it looks pretty). The idea is to work in small sprints, giving 100% + for short bursts of time and then taking a micro-break. The rigid definition is supposed to whip even the most diligent of procrastinators right into submission. My limited trial of the technique was inconclusive, but its worked wonders for some.

Instant Boss aims to be the clockwatcher for all us procrastinating brainy-types. A simple hack designed around the original 43folders concept counts the work sprints and breaks for you, with a programmable number of repetitions. The timer features a large display, and keeps track of the total number of minutes worked over all your sprints.

[Thanks Mouser!]

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