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filtr: Turn cheap digital pics into works of art

filtrCamera phones are undoubtedly alluring, but even the best of them produce mediocre images. Aaron Straup Cope, unsatisfied with his results, built filtr, a shell script for FreeBSD and OSX that will takes your blah camera phone photos and lets you apply one of seven filters to it: dazd, heathr, postcrd, postr, stndpipe, rockstr, and filtr. There's also movr, which will turn a video file into a series of images, apply one of the above filters to each. All of the results are interesting, universally moreso than your average camera phone pic. It's a shell script, like I said, so if you're not comfy with the command line (and willing to hunt down and install a few dependencies first), filtr may not be the tool for you. You can download filtr for free here.

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