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Google's Open-Source Code Project Hosting

Google's Open-Source Code Project Hosting

Google dropped the word a little while ago about some Open Source Community thingy they were working on, and Greg Stein said that he was just putting the finishing touches on it. Well, it looks like it has been released.

The new service from Google is a hosting environment called Project Hosting, that allows developers to upload and store any open-source project code they have in their arsenal. It also allows those interested, to search and download open source codes in Python, C++, Java, Audio, XML, CSharp, Graphics, and many other formats.

Google Code allows users to create new projects under the new hosting environment, giving it a name, summary, description, assigning it a license, (if it is licensed), and labeling it with keywords. The online description together with the keywords, is how users will find the open source code on the Google Project Hosting website.

When a project is opened, It is displayed with the title, description, licenses, and labels. There are also links to Blogs, and Google Groups info on that particular open source code. A great job from Google to help open up and grow the open source community.

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