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BoxCloud: "Dead Simple File Sharing"

BoxCloudSharing files with people you know seems like it ought to be a solved problem, but it isn't, really. IM file transfer is unreliable, attachments choke email servers, web-based upload services have file size limits and are often s-l-o-w. Pando took a shot at it and it's not bad, but it requires recipients to download the Pando client, which, among other things, isn't available for Linux. BoxCloud, however, just might be on to something. Its pitch is "Dead Simple File Sharing" and indeed it's pretty simple. Once you've installed the BoxCloud client--available for Windows, Mac and Linux--you add contacts and groups, then when you want to share a file or folder you just drag it to the contact or group you want to share it with. BoxCloud will send them an e-mail telling them your BoxCloud URL (or you can just tell them to go to They'll have to sign up for a BoxCloud account to get to your files, but they don't have to install any software. BoxCloud also has some handy features, like letting you give files descriptions and tags, and allowing your contacts to leave comments on your files. You can also share files with yourself, which could be handy for accessing your files remotely. BoxCloud has several levels of service, starting with a Free plan that allots you 1GB of downloads per month, which is enough for casual sharing but not much more. The Free plan also shows AdSense ads on your BoxCloud page. The "Personal" plan ditches the ads and gives you 5GB for $5 per month, and from there it goes up to Basic (25GB/$9), Pro (50GB/$24), and Premium (100GB/$49).

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