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Clean up your images with Tourist Remover

tourist remover
You're on vacation, you snap some pics of a nice monument and building, and some snaps of your family in front of the monument and building. When you arrive home to download the pics, you notice to your dismay that there are a bunch of people in your picture. Just standing beside your family. What do you do?

Get SnapMedia's Tourist Remover, that's what you do! The trick is: you are required to take a bunch of pictures of the background location of where you are shooting. The less going on in the picture the better. So try to get it with as few people as possible. Try to keep the lighting the same as well. All you have to get started is sign up, and upload your images. SnapMedia's system will handle the image manipulation.

I have yet to try this app out, but it sounds pretty cool if it really says what it does. If anyone has any experience with SnapMedia's Tourist Remover, drop a line in the comments and let us know if it really works.

[Thanks Mike]

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