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Dealplumber: a community-driven bargain site

It seems like everything is going 'social' these days, and the tech bargain and coupon industry is the latest to join the list. Introducing: dealplumber, "a community-driven deals site that delivers the best deals and coupons from across the internet". Almost everything you might expect from a 'web 2.0-meets-discounts' site is here, including tags (complete with a cloud), comments, saving coupons, affiliate commission sharing, different views for deal lists (list - with pictures - and a grid view), RSS feeds and more.

As the first post in the dealplumber blog states, one of their main goals is to act as a unifying location for all deals on the web, instead of leaving the job to what they feel (and I agree) is a segmented toolbox of sites that don't seem to communicate or cooperate with each other, which ends in a lose-lose situation for everyone.

Being that they went public just this past Monday, I think they're already off to a great start. A click on their 'latest coupons' section gives me a list comprised of a laptop rebate, a Dreamhost discount, a deal on Adidas shoes and even an AVON bargain. I honestly never thought I'd see beauty product discounts next to rock-bottom RAM deals. Still, during my initial signup and browsing through the site, I find myself wishing for a couple of features, specifically: RSS feeds for all tags, as well as a more concrete system that tells the shopper who a deal is offered by. But hey: they can't reveal their entire hand this early in the game, right?

Like I said though: all things considered, dealplumber is off to a rockin' start, and they have already earned themselves a place at the top of my list of shopping sites. It'll be interesting to see how this social-bargain site evolves in the months to come.

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