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Office 2007 nukes the Insert key

OvertypeOvertype mode, i.e. the way Microsoft Office apps, in particular Word, will overwrite text in front of the cursor as you type, without so much as a beep, if you happen to have pressed your Insert key, has long been the scourge of typists the world over, and for a good long time there's been real no reason for its existence at all. Finally Microsoft seems to have realized this, as according to Jan Miksovsky at flow|state, Office 2007 will have overtype mode, no matter how many times you press the Insert key, disabled by default. Of course, there's still a preference to re-enable the "feature" since, as Miksovsky says, "with a user base the size of Microsoft's, it's virtually guaranteed that a large corporate customer has a vocal department that swears they need Overtype mode, so dropping the mode was probably out of the question." Now, can we get rid of the CAPS LOCK key, next?

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