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RipIt4Me: Back up those pesky protected DVDs

RipIt4MeIt used to be harder to justify ripping DVDs, but now, in the age of DVRs and half-terabyte hard drives copying a movie you own to your computer is both legitimate and smart. Still, some DVDs are trickier than others to back up, and that's where RipIt4Me comes in. It's a free app for Windows that combines the power of DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, and FixVTS to make even the stubbornest DVDs easily conquered. RipIt4Me has two modes, Wizard and 1-Click, which are pretty much what you'd guess. Wizard mode gives you a few options for a little more control over the process, and 1-Click mode just gets it done without asking you any questions. RipIt4Me is a tiny 64kb download, but you'll also have to download and install the above programs. Simple instructions can be found in the RipIt4Me Guide.

[Via Lifehacker]

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