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Test drive Office 2007 without the download

Office 2007 Test Drive

Want to give Office 2007 Beta a try but don't want to bother downloading it? You're in luck, because Microsoft is doing a Test Drive program which lets you try the product in your web browser. Well, their web browser-unsurprisingly it's IE-only and requires you install a plugin and sign in with Passport. If the server is busy (and it is right now) you'll be put in a queue, but my estimated wait of 35 minutes turned out to be 5. The real wait was for the thing to load, but after about 10 minutes and few hiccups, it did. Once it's loaded you can play around with live, working copies of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote, Project, Publisher, Visio, InfoPath and SharePoint. Microsoft provides a tutorial for each, which is nice for getting acquainted, but if you just want to poke around you can kill the tutorial easily. There's a lot to see, and if you've been on the fence about Office 2007, this test drive will probably tip you one way or the other.

[Via Netscape]

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