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eBay Wiki launches

eBay WikiThe eBay wiki that we mentioned last week? Today it has launched and seems to have hit the ground running. Sitting pretty at its own domain name, eBay Wiki is powered by by JotSpot and the edits seem to be piling on already--Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb describes it as the "world's largest commercial wiki," which may very well be true. Users must be signed in with their eBay ID and password to make edits, editing is done with a WYSIWYG interface, and organization is accomplished with both categories and tags. The front page of eBay Wiki is a simple Recent Changes list, which is nice, especially for power-users, but for casual users I think navigation could be improved considerably. The wiki's content is currently an interesting hodge-podge, including everything from articles about stoneware to a tutorial on Linux automation using cron. Clearly eBay Wiki has some evolution to do, but I think there's a ton of potential there, not just for eBay users but for internet information-seekers at large.

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