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Swarm the dot com: Browser for voyeurs

Swarm the dot comSwarm the dot com advertises itself as "a new way to browse the web and find the most interesting sites." Basically what it is is a Firefox extension that watches what sites you're browsing and sends them back to the Swarm server, which then displays them (along with everyone else's) in a cool Flash visual. From the Flash interface you can see what sites people are visiting in real-time, visit them, and chat with other users about them. The coolest feature of the visualization is that it shows links as red lines, i.e when a user goes from site A to site B, a line appears (briefly) between the two sites. Is this really useful? I'm not sure-at the moment I'm being treated to a fiew of the porn sites one person is visiting (even though the data-collecting extension can be turned on and off easily), but I dig the concept and it's fun to watch.

Tags: cool, extension, firefox, flash, infoporn,, swarmthedotcom, visualization