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Jumpcut - multi-clip clipboard tool for OS X

jumpcut clipboard toolSomething that blew me away, back in the day, were the multiple clipboard slots I started using when Office 2000 came out. This blew me away because, as a mostly Mac user, I was used to the old copy/paste one thing at a time routine. Well Office 2k spoiled me, because despite efforts like iClip Lite (a Dashboard widget), I have yet to find a great clipboard tool. But Jumpcut might fit the bill. It's free, open source, and incredibly easy to use, once you get the hang of it. Copy some text, and it's stored in Jumpcut's holding tank. Drop down the menu bar icon (or use a hotkey to activate a bezel view), choose which clip you want to paste, and go paste it. There are some idiosyncrasies, but those are mostly from other apps like Camino, and how they handle keyboard shortcuts or the clipboard. It's the little things in life that help so much, isn't it?

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