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Free multimedia on your site with Stickam

stickamThis one looks pretty interesting: Stickam provides a simple Flash tool for embedding video, pics, and audio in your website. More than that, they provide 500 MB of storage for these things, a playback utility (it's in the player you put on your site), no bandwidth restrictions, and cool webcam videoconference functionality for anyone with said device. Best of all, it runs on Linux, Windows, and a Mac (even works in Safari!), and it is free. I'm not really sure what the catch is, except that their official launch isn't until tomorrow, so get in while the line is short. One more bonus: you can upload pics and videos from your cellphone, ala Flickr. Check it out and see if it's better than sliced bread, because I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with it...

[Via Macworld]

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